Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Year Of Fables

ISBN: 9781326916770
Printed: 2017
Language: English
Number of Pages: 108
Bookbinding: Hardcover coated
Ink: Black and white 
Dimension: 15,24x22,86cm

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ISBN: 9780244900496
Printed: 2017
Language: English
File format: ePub
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A Year Of Fables by Alessia Delvecchio

This book brings us back the wisdom of the past, twelve unpublished fables, one for each month, with pretty illustrations and traditional tunes for tin whistle that the child will love immediately and the adult will appreciate for their delicacy.
Prepare to enter a world populated by funny creatures of the wood and not only, among which a gruff slug, a rude horse, sweet butterflies and a nice starfish that surely will come into your hearts. Have you ever wondered what a snail and a slug say to each other?
Or what a horse does to a mischievous dog? And what a blue butterfly thinks? The animals talk to each other and think many wonderful things, you just have to listen to them.